The Wireless Power Week 2019 Event

The Wireless Power Week 2019 Event

The Wireless Power Week (WPW) 2019 is one of the highly-anticipated global events scheduled to take place in London, UK at the Institution of Engineering and Technology: Savoy Place. It is set to run from the 17th to 21st of June, 2019. The event brings home the two major innovative conferences: IEEE-PELS (workshop on new technologies) and the IEEE- MTT-S WPTC (wireless power-transfer conference).

The WPW is expected to be co-chaired by two university professors; Prof. Hubregt Visser (Eindhoven University of Technology) and Prof. Paul Mitcheson (Imperial College London). “Bringing together the two major wireless power events: IEEE MTT Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC) and IEEE PELS Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (WoW)”

The topics to be addressed have been sectioned into four tracks each with key areas of interest. The four main topics include technologies for wireless power transfer, their applications and ways of energy harvesting, the various systems for wireless power-transfer and the devices & other related technologies.

This WPW 2019 conference, like the others held in the recent years, aims at bringing together all the technological innovations in the wireless power transfer sector in a bid to keep advancing technology for humanity.


Who should attend?

Anyone working in anything related to wireless power, both in academia and industry. The technical topics, as can be seen in the website, range from low power energy harvesting systems up to EV wireless charging. The Wireless Power Week is a powerhouse of knowledge as far as technology and creative innovation is concerned. Everybody willing to take part in the conference can apply for registration as soon as the official dates are tabulated on the WPC website. Students, entrepreneurs, investors, tech-gurus and creative thinkers are just but a few individuals who can benefit a lot from this power talk that’s expected to host some of the brightest minds across the globe.

Experts in various fields in the IOT industry are also a vital part of this innovative event. It’s through their constant advancements in the technical fields that makes it possible to have some of the modern gadgets the world is currently showcasing. Scholars and Researchers are the other significant key players in the innovation sector. Their attendance will be of immense value especially during workshops and cohesion sessions as they will guide other students and scholars in various fields.


Why attend the WPW summit?

The importance of the Wireless Power Week cannot be overstated. Its breakthrough in realizing some of the practical innovations from mere theoretical concepts and ideas proves the impact that such innovative conferences bring to the table.

It’s through the WPW events where scholars in various fields network and share innovative ideas. Experts in various technical fields also find an opportunity to showcase their skills and develop a reputation among their peers and clients.

The educational aspects of innovative conferences have proved to be a major way of producing creative and productive graduates. Students also get an opportunity to share ideas with some of the celebrated professors, researchers, and innovators in their areas of specialization and this boost their educational background.

This 2019 Wireless Power Week is undoubtedly an unmatched conference that’s worth the investment. Purpose to register at their website for the event with the early birds to avoid any inconveniences. Wireless Power Week Website

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