The 2019 International Wireless Communications Expo

The 2019 International Wireless Communications Expo

IWCE 2019: What can you get from it?

As 2019 is getting closer, we’re approaching the more-exciting-than-ever International Wireless Communications Expo 2019, which takes place on March 4-8 2019, at the Las Vegas Conventional Center North Halls in Las Vegas, NV.
This expo presents the dynamic speakers with a week’s worth of educational opportunity to present their tech stories, inspirations and insights for the present and the upcoming future.

Benefits you can get as a Thought Leader at IWCE 2019:

This major event in the arena of the technology of wireless communication can provide with various opportunities and benefits.

  • Extensive exposure as a thought leader: You and your company will get a chance to present its visions and ideas before hundreds of industry peers
  • You will get free admission to IWCE’s 5-day conference program
  • Promotion: The IWCE conference promotes you and your company with its presentation through a vast promotional campaign
  • Extend your network with peers: IWCE 2019 is a great chance to connect to the same-field peers and get to know with the industry trends
  • A great chance to contribute to IWCE’s Urgent Communications, which is IWCE’s sister publication.

Events in the Conference

The expo has three co-located events for its attendees. The events consist of sessions, training and workshops and a special event, all in a short span of 5 days.

  • IWCE’s conference program provides a set of courses and sessions to give some great opportunities for professional development. IWCE has been working as an authoritative voice on communications technology since 1977.
  • For the exhibition of works on network connectivity and coverage, the expo will hold IWCE’s Network Infrastructure Forum. One can get the understanding, services and products to assure the reliability of its network through the forum.
  • As it has been doing for past 2 years, ETA is providing training alongside IWCE in areas related to ETA certification. It will also organize a series of short courses on three days from Wednesday (6th, 7th and 8th of March). ETA’s educational forum will also provide opportunities to test the trainees in each area after the corresponding training sessions.
  • Keynote Addresses, Town Hall Meetings, the Network Reception and the General Session, are the special events that are going to be held in IWCE 2019. They will be open to all badged attendees.
  • The Exhibit Hall, which will showcase over 400 latest products and industry trends form exhibitors will also feature as a part of IWCE’s events. The 2nd day of the event will reveal it to the visitors.

No matter your communication field, may it be wireless communication or field relating to governance, we will be talking about them during IWCE. Click on the link to be directed the the website to get full details on the must attend wireless communications expo! International Wireless Communications Expo 2019

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