Gartner IT Infrastructure Conference

Gartner IT Infrastructure Conference

Everything you need to know about the Gartner IT Infrastructure Conference that is held on December 3-6, 2018 in Las Vegas! As an infrastructure and operations (I & O) leader with a futuristic vision, it is up to you to make connectivity a reality for your organization, connecting the growing technical strength for a cultural and digital transformation and your personal I & O leadership.

But how to make this happen? You must design a cloud-centric infrastructure and chart a path for the future of IT that serves business needs. Strengthen the primary resources and prepare for the digital future. Connectivity is the fuel of digital businesses, a reliable resource of scale, speed, and agility. To make really it happen, join the upcoming wireless communications event on December 3 2018 “Gartner IT Infrastructure and Cloud Strategies Conference”.

The Gartner Summit is designed for everyone who exercises the functions described below:

There will be many sessions that will be hands on and give you how to advice. Here are a few of the ones that may interest you:

I. It Operations and Facilities

  • Operations and IT infrastructure
  • Data center and cloud strategies
  • Storage, networks and servers
  • Cost optimization strategies
  • IT Leadership · Continuation of Business and Disaster Recovery

II. Mobility and Cloud

  • Engineering and operations – Desktop
  • Computing End-user
  • Customer computing operations
  • All practice related to Cloud

III. Servers and Storage

  • IT infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Servers and storage
  • Servers and distributed storage
  • Business storage manager
  • Storage and backup operations

IV. Data Centers or Networks

  • Network services
  • Engineering and networking of business networks
  • Network engineering
  • Principal network analyst
  • Telecommunications network analyst
  • Data center services
  • Virtualization
  • Change management


Why Should You Join?

Attending the Gartner event will assist you with spurring new ideas, making fast-track management policy and execution, as well as enhancing your professional skills.

However, if your interest has not been piqued yet, read the sections below, which explains what you will learn and the benefits of joining this wireless conference summit.

Some of the things that you have the chance to learn more about:

  • Align infrastructure and operations need with the business.
  • Manage process improvements.
  • Use best practices to take virtualization to the next level.
  • Deliver measurable ROI.
  • Put an end to cloud myths and develop a long-term strategy.
  • Manage a legacy infrastructure and face the challenges of modernization.
  • Anchor and support your business initiatives.
  • Learn how to position yourself better to maximize the benefits of mobility.

Characteristics and Benefits

Sessions given by Gartner Analysts: Presentations based on their latest research include:

  • Meetings with an Analyst of your choice: Meet with an Analyst for 30 minutes and get specific
  • Access to the Sponsors area: Exclusive access to sponsors for informed decision-making.
  • Sessions given by the sponsors: the ideal opportunity to meet new solutions.
  • Discounts for Groups: Maximize learning by attending groups.
  • Networking with colleagues: Meetings with IT executives will meet to share knowledge and compare

Need to convince your boss to let you come? Here are a few things that may help convince them, that this is the place to be to learn about the new and upcoming operations and cloud strategies.

These tips below can aid you in getting permission to join the summit from your manager:

  • Customized Justification Letter: There is a free template available on Gartner’s website. You can use the
    template to show your boss the significance of joining the conference.
  • The Brochure from 2017 Conference: Tell your boss to Take a more in-depth at the sessions provided
    last year, and the opportunities for peers networking and solution providers.

So, why are you waiting? Visit Gartner’s website here – –  and register now and join the upcoming Wireless Communications Event!

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